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Live & Learn Stage

The Live & Learn Stage takes a hands on approach, so you'll come away feeling knowledgeable and confident about each topic!


Yolanda Guitar

Safe Sleep for Infants

Yolanda became a safe sleep educator in 2004. Her journey to become the safe sleep expert she is today began with contacting agencies around the world that had anything to do with SIDS or safe sleep. She realized that the one common denominator was education. There is nothing that can be done about a true ‘SIDS’ death, but we can educate and hopefully prevent unsafe sleep deaths.

In this seminar Yolanda will update you on the most recent information and standards for safe sleep in Canada. This seminar will equip you with the tools to make safe decisions when purchasing products for sleep for your baby.


The Tupperware Ladies

Saving Time and Money with Tupperware

Marie-Josee Brouillette, Janick Brunet and Melanie Marchand will be demonstrating that Tupperware is more than just a plastic container!

From keeping your veggies fresher and crisper, to keeping your cupboard organized and clean, the Tupperware Ladies will teach you how to incorporporate Tupperware into your life to make things easier.


Brandon Andrews, Assistant Store Manager, buybuyBABY

Choosing The Right Car Seat

Brandon Andrews is the Assistant Store Manager for buybuyBABY. He has worked in the baby industry for almost 10 years specializing in strollers and car seats. 

His passion is to inform and educate new parents so they can make the best choices for their families on juvenile products. He recognizes that choosing the right car seat can be an overwhelming and daunting task. He enjoys taking the time to give parents the confidence to make informed decisions when it comes to car seats and strollers.


Stephan Baldomar, Assistant Store Manager, buybuyBABY

Choosing The Right Car Seat

Stephan Baldomar is an Assistant Store Manager for buybuyBABY.  He has worked in the baby industry for almost 10 years and is very well versed in product knowledge of baby items. His passion is to guide new parents so they can release the stress of making decisions and focus on the joyous journey of having a baby. 

He recognizes that choosing the right car seat can be an overwhelming and daunting task and he enjoys taking the time to educate. His patience to answer any questions that parents may have gives them the confidence to make informed decisions when it comes to car seats and strollers.


Anita Patel

Infant Sleep

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Founder of hush baby hush - pediatric sleep consulting and mother of two, Anita Patel has over 6 years of experience helping families achieve healthy sleep habits for their babies. 

Her gentle approach gives parents the confidence and knowledge to implement sleep strategies and techniques guaranteed to improve your baby's sleep and how to overcome any challenges or bumps in the future. 

Anita's approach encourages parents to support and comfort their baby when developing healthy sleep habits as you know your baby best.


Ileana Ibbett, Marketing Director at Medela Canada Inc.

Breast Milk Feeding 101

Ileana Ibbett is a mom to three kids and the Head of Marketing for Medela Canada.  She has worked in the medical device industry for almost 20 years and is a certified science nerd who loves to read research papers and stay up to date on the latest news related to breastfeeding and lactation.

Her perspective will offer both the scientific understanding of the benefits of breast milk and breastfeeding, but also the necessary practicality the modern woman requires in this day and age.


Melanie Silverman, MS, RD, IBCLC - Chief Clinical Officer at Pacify Health Inc.

Breast Milk Feeding 101

Melanie Silverman is a registered dietitian, board certified lactation consultant and the Chief Clinical Officer for Pacify.  She received her B.A. from Indiana University and M.S. from Rush University.  She worked at the University of Chicago Medical Center in the burn unit and the pediatric and neonatal intensive care units.  Melanie has over 20 years of experience working with parents and their children in breastfeeding, picky eating, food allergies and vegetarian/vegan diets.

About Breast Milk Feeding 101:
We all know that breast milk is great for babies, but how much do we really know about its value? What makes it so unique? Let’s get together and talk about the amazing properties of breast milk. You will discover the amazing benefits of breast milk, how to address situations when breastfeeding may not be possible and how a breast pump can help bridge the gap, all with the same goal; we want every baby to get Mom’s milk!

We will also cover:

The different types of breast pumps, so you can make an informed choice
How, where, and for how long you can safely store your expressed milk
How to feed expressed milk back to your baby and what to look for when choosing a nipple.

Along with this valuable information, there are also great prizes to be won and few more surprises in store for audience members!


Sarah Winward, ND

Straight Talk from a Doula: What no one tells you about childbirth

Dr. Sarah Winward is a Naturopathic Doctor, birth doula and breastfeeding expert. She is also the mama of one very busy toddler. In 2015, Sarah took a birth doula course, without really knowing what she was getting into. Soon after completing the course she attended her first birth, and was completely hooked. She began devouring every piece of information on birth support she could, and she has been attending births regularly ever since (with a quick break to have her own baby, of course!). She soon realized that she also has a passion for breastfeeding and is currently working towards becoming an IBCLC. Sarah truly feels that it is an honour to be present to witness the incredible journey of pregnancy and childbirth.


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Live & Learn Stage

Live & Learn Stage

The Live & Learn Stage takes a hands on approach, so you'll come away feeling knowledgeable and confident about each topic. 

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Toddler Entertainment

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Show location

The International Centre, Hall 1

6900 Airport Road
Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1E8

(905) 361-2677

Directions & parking

Show hours

  • Friday April 26 10 am - 5 pm
  • Saturday April 27 10 am - 5 pm
  • Sunday April 28 10 am - 5 pm


  • Adults (13+) $17.00
  • Grandparents $10.00
  • Children 12 and under FREE

About us

Toronto's ORIGINAL and MUST ATTEND Baby and Toddler Show happens
April 26 - 28 at The International Centre. This Baby Show has EVERYTHING to do with pregnancy, birth, baby toddler shop, try, buy and learn with over 200 brands and a daily line up of experts who will answer all your questions

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